‘Museum Of Tolerance’ EP Pressed For USA

The King Cheetah‘s – ‘Museum Of  Tolerance‘ EP, has been pressed exclusively for direct-to-fan sales, in the USA.

This CD is a top-quality product, of a type  rarely seen these days. High-end production values  have been adhered to throughout every stage of the creative, technical and manufacturing processes. Starting with the performance and through the recording, mixing & mastering stages – on to artwork and finally packaging and printing … the quality control threshold has been extremely high.

The final product is printed onto an uncoated 12 – 15 point weight (heavy card stock),  to create the satisfying feel of an old-school LP sleeve. Eco-friendly using at least 10% post consumer waste product in the production of the paper and no aqueous coating.

Despite the stringent quality control, attention to detail and love, which have gone into the making of this CD; The King Cheetah shall sell these for only ONE DOLLAR each! This price is enough to cover costs and re-invest in further TKC pressings.

The King Cheetah are proud of their music and wish to share it. By setting their pricing this low, The King Cheetah are rewarding old fans with this high-end package, whilst opening up access to their music for newcomers to explore. Affordable enough for fans to buy extra copies as gifts for the as-yet uninitiated …  who doesn’t love the gift of music?

More details on how & where to purchase the CD, to be announced soon.