THE KING CHEETAH at the Echo, March 1 Though the King Cheetah have relocated to L.A., the English trio’s sound and demeanor remain proudly post-punk British. Black-clad and suede-headed, they exude a bristling disillusionment with, well, everything. Their attitude is more confrontational than wallowing, pumped with the fists-in-the-air optimism of a summer’s night riot and(…)

LYLO France

THE KING CHEETAH THE KING CHEETAH L.P. Tel un léopard féroce et véloce, ce “raw power trio” londonien basé à L.A., déchire un rock brut et mélodique avec une dynamique incroyable, celle du fauve passionné mais puissant. Just rock’n’roll! Such a wild and swift leopard! This London ‘Rawpower Trio’ based in L.A. tears a raw(…)

This U.K. threesome packs a punch! I’ve listened to a lot of CDs this year. Very few of them, if any, inspired me to tear off all my clothes, throw open the windows and thrash around the living room. Only one actually had me DOING it. This is it. The best indie disc I’ve heard(…)

Las Vegas Weekly

The King Cheetah (3 stars) The King Cheetah LP This post-punk trio from England are on tour to promote their first full-length album. Angry as all get-out but with a nice lyrical sense that comes through between screams and thrashing guitars, the hypnotic “Vampire State Building” at the end is a refreshing drink of water(…)

Skratch Magazine

Skratch Magazine

THE KING CHEETAH THE KING CHEETAH L.P. SPITSHINE RECORDS THE KING CHEETAH L.P. is the debut full-length disc from London’s best new band in decades. The King Cheetah is aggressive and passionate, and the music reflects it all. Track 1, “Squaddie Meat”, begins with drummer Simon Hancock torturing his drums with brutal, pounding statements. Then(…)