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Schwindy’s indie music spotlight: The King Cheetah

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Sometimes the best musical finds are the serendipitous ones. Take The King Cheetah, for instance. My introduction to this band came after posting my review of Thee Gravemen. And I’m glad I was introduced.

The Museum of Tolerance (Clearcut Records, 2011) begins with the title track, which features guitar reminiscent of Clutchand the raw energy of Iggy and The Stooges. This song announces that this band doesn’t so much write songs as sonic kicks to your earhole.

And if you like that one, just wait until you hear “5th of 10″. It rocks just as hard. This four-song (one song is only 52 seconds) EP is real simple. (And let’s face it. The simple way is often the best.) It is three songs of hard-driving rock and roll that will make you want to pump your fist. It is very brief, but this is a good introduction to the band and a good first release for the album. If you have a playlist that you use when you work out, add this EP to it.